Undergraduate Neuroscience

Meet a Postdoctoral Fellow

Mario Muscedere

As a graduate student at Boston University, Mario supervised the research projects of eleven undergraduates, developing a passion for direct one-on-one work with students that remains one of his top priorities. He also engaged in a variety of other teaching and outreach activities including serving as a teaching fellow, and teaching and developing curricula for BU's BIOBUGS high school outreach program (Biology Inquiry & Outreach with Boston University Graduate Students).

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About the Program

With support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Boston University's Undergraduate Program in Neuroscience has embarked on a four - year program aimed at improving the way we do science education. Neuroscience is an ideal field in which to create a curriculum driven at its very foundations by experimental inquiry. Students enter the field through a variety of disciplinary interests and affiliations - psychology, biology, engineering, mathematics, physics, and even philosophy - but attracted by a common set of questions about the neural bases of behavior and the connection between mind and brain.

Our multi-faceted approach will encourage and prepare undergraduate students for experimental scientific inquiry from the beginning of their college coursework; broaden undergraduate participation in life sciences and biomedical research; extend the culture of university laboratory research to pre-service teachers in collaboration with the School of Education; provide access to life science research experiences for local Boston Public High School students.

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