Undergraduate Neuroscience

Meet a Postdoctoral Fellow

Ken W. Adams

Dr. Adams earned his Ph.D. at Boston University in 2007, where he studied the regulation of programmed cell death by intracellular signaling pathways. In 2010 he began working at BU as an adjunct instructor for the Biology Department, and joined the Neuroscience Program as a Postdoctoral Faculty Fellow in Spring 2011.

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About the Program


This program is funded by a grant to Boston University's Undergraduate Program in Neuroscience from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute through the Precollege and Undergraduate Science Education Program, awarded in May 2010. Postdoctoral Faculty Fellows (PFF's) have combined a traditional faculty mentored research experience with mentored teaching experiences in preparation for academic careers at institutions where experience and excellence in teaching are especially valued. Fellows have the opportunity to interact with participants of Boston University's Chemistry PFF program, as well as a wealth of scientific resources through local and Boston-wide seminars and meetings.

Teaching - Large lectures, instructional labs, small discussions

PFF's work closely with course leaders to develop and co-teach aspects of the curriculum for a new (1) introductory neuroscience lecture/ lab core course, and an (2) upper level laboratory course. Additional opportunities for teaching and curriculum development include a new (3) neuroscience for non-majors course, and a course for (4) local high school students.

Each PFF has a teaching commitment equivalent for the academic year and 100% of the summer devoted to research.


PFF's have joined an active and vibrant neuroscience community with an exceptionally broad range of research interests, including anatomy, behavior, brain-computer interface, functional neuroimaging in humans, in vivo and in vitro electrophysiology, language and aphasia, perceptual function, neuropharmacology, and sensory neurobiology, employing a host of animal, disease, and computational models.

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