Undergraduate Neuroscience

Meet a Postdoctoral Fellow

Ken W. Adams

Dr. Adams earned his Ph.D. at Boston University in 2007, where he studied the regulation of programmed cell death by intracellular signaling pathways. In 2010 he began working at BU as an adjunct instructor for the Biology Department, and joined the Neuroscience Program as a Postdoctoral Faculty Fellow in Spring 2011.

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Meet Us

Paul A. Lipton

Dr. Lipton is the Associate Director of the Undergraduate Program in Neuroscience. He was integrally involved in the development of the major, and has overseen its growth from 30 students at its inception in the fall of 2008, to nearly 300 students today. Dr. Lipton is the primary academic advisor for the major, he teaches and develops new courses for the program, serves as faculty advisor to the Mind and Brain Society, and publishes The Nerve, their highly praised student magazine.

In addition, Dr. Lipton is the Program Director for our Howard Hughes Medical Institute program. Through this program he has established a postdoctoral teaching program, developed a series of high school outreach programs for local Boston Public High School students, and increased access to faculty mentored research opportunities for our students.

Our Postdoctoral Fellows

This program is funded by a grant to Boston University's Undergraduate Program in Neuroscience from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute through the Precollege and Undergraduate Science Education Program, awarded in May 2010. Postdoctoral Faculty Fellows (PFF's) have combined a traditional faculty mentored research experience with mentored teaching experiences in preparation for academic careers at institutions where experience and excellence in teaching are especially valued. Fellows have the opportunity to interact with participants of Boston University's Chemistry PFF program, as well as a wealth of scientific resources through local and Boston-wide seminars and meetings.

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