Undergraduate Neuroscience

Meet a Postdoctoral Fellow

Mario Muscedere

As a graduate student at Boston University, Mario supervised the research projects of eleven undergraduates, developing a passion for direct one-on-one work with students that remains one of his top priorities. He also engaged in a variety of other teaching and outreach activities including serving as a teaching fellow, and teaching and developing curricula for BU's BIOBUGS high school outreach program (Biology Inquiry & Outreach with Boston University Graduate Students).

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Mario Muscedere

Mario received his undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences (B.S. '02) from the University of Maryland at College Park and his graduate training in Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution (Ph.D '11) here at Boston University. Mario's research interests encompass all aspects of animal social behavior, from the evolutionary factors that select for sociality to the proximate neurobiological mechanisms that determine how individuals behave in a social context. His dissertation research in James Traniello's lab explored behavioral development and division of labor in the hyperdiverse ant genus Pheidole by describing how neuroanatomy, neurochemistry, and muscular development correlate with worker behavioral variation.

Mario's current research in the labs of Michael Baum and James Cherry focuses on the neurobiology of the olfactory system and its relationship to behavioral development and task performance in ant workers, particularly their ability to detect and respond to pheromones and other socially relevant odors. Mario has experience as a teacher and mentor stretching back to his undergraduate years, when he was a volunteer teaching assistant for cell biology students.

Our Postdoctoral Fellows

This program is funded by a grant to Boston University's Undergraduate Program in Neuroscience from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute through the Precollege and Undergraduate Science Education Program, awarded in May 2010. Postdoctoral Faculty Fellows (PFF's) have combined a traditional faculty mentored research experience with mentored teaching experiences in preparation for academic careers at institutions where experience and excellence in teaching are especially valued. Fellows have the opportunity to interact with participants of Boston University's Chemistry PFF program, as well as a wealth of scientific resources through local and Boston-wide seminars and meetings.

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